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Shao Xing Wine Preserved Chicken 醉雞
Ingredients   主料  
Dressed Chicken 1 whole 光雞 1 隻
Shao Xing Wine 1.5 cup 紹興酒 1.5 杯
Ginger (Sliced) About 50g 薑 (切片, 拍裂) 大約50克
Spring Onion 1 sprig 1 棵
Fish Sauce 2 tbsp 魚露 2 湯匙
Salt 1 tbsp 1 湯匙
  1. Cut Spring Onion in section. Slice and pound the Ginger.
  2. Rinse the chicken and wipe it to dry. Rub the chicken with 1 tbsp of salt inside and outside. Place spring onion and ginger into chicken. Then marinate for 15 minutes.
  3. Heat up the Shao Xing Wine until tiny bubbles appear. Turn off the heat and let it cool. (Tips : Donít add Fish sauce or salt in this process. Otherwise, taste may turn bitter.)
  4. Steam the chicken over high heat for 25 minutes (depend on chicken size). Then soak in ice water and let it cool.
  5. After the Steamed Chicken Sauce cool down, mix it with Shao Xing wine and 2 tbsp of Fish Sauce.
  6. Pour the mixed sauce onto the chicken. Stand until flavor penetrated for about 2 hours. Turn the chicken over for every 15 minutes.
  7. Cut into pieces and pour some sauce when Serve!
  1. 把蔥切段薑切片和拍裂
  2. 把雞洗淨抹乾用1湯匙鹽擦勻內外把薑蔥放入雞腔醃15分鐘
  3. 把紹興酒煮至起蝦眼狀熄火待凍 (注意: 不要加魚露或鹽一起煮這樣煮可能會導致苦味產生)
  4. 用大火蒸雞25分鐘(視乎雞大小)之後放入凍水冷卻
  5. 待蒸出的雞汁凍後與凍後的紹興酒和2 湯匙魚露拌勻
  6. 把汁淋在雞上使其入味2小時其間每15分鐘把雞反轉一次
  7. 食時切件淋上一點汁,完成
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