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  Kam Fung Wong Poultry offers a wide variety of Live Poultry such as Pollones Pullets, TX Pullets, Cornish Hen, Grey and White Pullets, Silky, Gallenas Hen Chicken, Palomas Squab, Guinia Hen, Chukar, Pato Wild Duck, Turkeys, etc.

鳳凰雞欄提供各種家禽,如馳名三黃走地雞、金雞、童子雞、黑或白毛上雞、竹絲雞、雞 、乳鴿、珍珠雞、鵪鶉、水鴨、火雞等品種。

Pollones Pullet 三黃走地雞   Grey Pullet 黑毛上雞   White Pullet 白毛上雞
Osmanthus Chicken 桂花雞   Dragon Dove Chicken 龍罔雞   Golden Phoenix Chicken 金鳳凰土雞
Silky 竹絲雞   Gallenas Hen Chicken 老   TX Pullets
Palomas Squab 乳鴿   Guinia Hen 珍珠雞   Chukar 鵪鶉
Pato Wild Duck 水鴨   Muscovy 番鴨   Pavo Turkey 火雞
Taishan Goose 台山鵝        
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