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  Kam Fung Wong Poultry has been a Family Owned and Operated business by the Chang's family for 2 generations now. Mr. Chang came over from Cuba in 1960 and started his poultry business in Brooklyn, N.Y in 1965. To this day Kam Fung Wong Poultry Farm is operated as a family owned business by the current owner. As in many family owned businesses, Mr. Chang receives valuable support from his family during the busy holiday periods.

Kam Fung Wong offers a wide variety of Live Poultry such as Pollones Pullets, TX Pullets, Cornish Hen, Grey and White Pullets, Silky, Gallenas Hen Chicken, Palomas Squab, Guinia Hen, Chukar, Pato Wild Duck, Turkeys, etc.

Since its inception the Kam Fung Wong Poultry has adhered to Free Range Poultry methods, prohibiting any use of steroids, antibiotics or animal by-products in its operations. All Kam Fung Wong Poultry products are home grown and naturally processed.

The Kam Fung Wong Poultry is open all year Monday through Saturday from 6:00AM - 2:00PM EST daily.



鳳凰雞欄的農場提供各種家禽,如馳名三黃走地雞、金雞、童子雞、黑或白毛上雞、竹絲雞、雞 、乳鴿、珍珠雞、鵪鶉、水鴨、火雞等品種。





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Kam Fung Wong, Inc
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Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 6:00AM - 2:00PM
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